Setting the Barre Higher: Griffin Hill of Pure Barre + Colorado Springs Fitness Week

Setting the Barre Higher: Griffin Hill of Pure Barre + Colorado Springs Fitness Week

Have you ever wanted to check out a workout studio, but just don’t have the courage to do it? Or do you already go a studio, but find yourself wanting to explore the diversity of what Colorado Springs has to offer when it comes to health and fitness? Then Colorado Springs Fitness Week (COS Fitness Week) is exactly for you.

On July 10th-16th, 15 participating studios in the Colorado Springs area will offer $5 classes (you read that right: $5) during COS Fitness Week. Participants can take one class per studio. The studios range from yoga studios like CorePower and Hot Asana, to body building studios like Crossfit719 and Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, to indoor cycling studios like Cycology and Joule.

The Story Behind COS Fitness Week


COS Fitness Week is the brainchild of Griffin Hill, owner of Pure Barre Colorado Springs. Griffin had been a performer her whole life and went to Belmont University in Nashville for vocal performance before she switched focus to business marketing and organizational leadership. She got involved in Pure Barre Nashville working part time in 2012, and she was immediately hooked.

“Pure Barre was the only thing I had been as passionate about as performing,” she said. “So even though I was very new to the business scene, there was something in me that was just like, ‘I love this, I have to do it.’” Before graduating from Belmont, Griffin applied to become a franchise owner and was approved; she’s one of the youngest franchisees to ever come on board with Pure Barre.

Griffin moved to the Springs three years ago to open up the very first Pure Barre studio in Colorado Springs. “I didn’t want to open a franchise in the market I already lived in and compete with people I knew,” said Griffin. “My husband and I had always loved Colorado, and we always talked about moving to Colorado.”

They began eyeing Colorado Springs because Pure Barre wasn’t a thing in the area yet. “It was untouched, to put it simply,” described Griffin. “And that was really attractive to me, because I love bringing this to new people. Though, in some ways, that’s been really tough, because I have no roots here and there’s been a lot of market education, because there’s not something like it here.”

She and her husband moved out to the Springs in May 2014, and Pure Barre Colorado Springs opened December 2014. As she became acquainted with the Springs, Griffin saw a huge need to bring more community and support for the boutique fitness studios in the area. A lot of other markets were very supportive of boutique fitness.

“I saw a lot of that lacking here,” said Griffin. “Colorado Springs is arguably behind on a lot of different trends, and there’s a lot of people fighting that and bringing awareness to all the things going for us.” So Griffin decided to bring together top locally owned studios and create a fun, accessible week for people to check out the fitness community, and Colorado Springs Fitness Week was created.


Colorado Springs Fitness Week 2017


Last year was COS Fitness Week’s first year, with 10 studios participating. The 2017 event has grown, with 15 studios participating. People who want to participate in the week need only register on the COS Fitness Week website and pick up a punch card at participating community partners (listed on the website) the first week of July in order to sign up for $5 classes all week from July 10-16th. People will want to call ahead and book classes at the studios they want to check out for the $5 special. While the deal is limited to one $5 class per studio, you can go to as many studios as you want within the week.

There will also be a launch party at lululemon on July 9th from 8-10 am. The 15 studios will set up booths, and participants can come meet and learn more about each studio and their workout methods and philosophies. There’s also a closing party on July 15th at D1 Sports Training, complete with food, drinks, and a photo booth, provided by PictureBooth.

There are two things that the studios involved in COS Fitness Week want to communicate to anyone interested, according to Griffin.  One is that “a higher quality of exercise experience exists in Colorado Springs outside of going to a big box gym and trying to figure it out on your own,” she said. “There’s such value in going to a workout that’s 45 minutes or an hour long, being able to work all your muscles to fatigue, and getting that complete, total body experience where you feel like your time is efficient and you’re getting the results you want to see.”

The second thing is the importance of community. Boutique studios are all about community—both within their own studios and within the fitness community at large. “It’s just really neat to see people become friends,” sad Griffin. “If you own a boutique studio and do it right, that’s what keeps people coming back. People actually care about you and know who you are. You’re greeted by name, and people are really excited to see you in class.”

Griffin said that she actually saw at least 60 brand new clients come into her Pure Barre studio alone the during the first COS Fitness Week in 2016, and she expects even more this year. Pure Barre itself is born out of dance, but you do not have to be a dancer to check it out, according to Griffin. “[Pure Barre] is really high intensity, but it’s very low impact; and that is something that draws so many people to us, because it’s so safe for your muscles and joints, but it still gives you the feeling of being sweaty, crushing your workout, and time flying by because you’ve been so focused,” she said.

Be sure to join Pure Barre and all the other studios involved with COS Fitness Week on July 10th-16th. For more information, check out the website.

Colorado Springs Fitness Week
July 10th-July 16th, 2017

Pure Barre Colorado Springs
5262 N Nevada Ave #120
Colorado Springs, CO 80918