Colorado Collective and Odyssey Join Forces

As you know, we are passionate storytellers here at Colorado Collective, and so we are excited to announce that we have teamed up with Odyssey–the nation’s leading story agency to bring storytelling, amplification, platform and publishing solutions to the state of Colorado and its premier tourism destinations, hospitality professionals, and lifestyle brands.

The joint venture will combine the best of both organizations delivering marketing services with a publishing and literary mindset. In this joint venture, Colorado Collective and Odyssey will bring Colorado further into the spotlight with print, digital, and storytelling platforms designed for unique audiences that go beyond the standard website build and a media buy offered from most agencies.

COCO and Odyssey share a core belief: that in today’s chaotic and ever-changing marketing environment, marketers need to look back to fantastic storytelling as a primary means of engagement.

Ryan Thompson, CEO of Odyssey said, “We acknowledge that consumers are in control and their control is only increasing. It’s imperative that we respect them by delivering what they want: entertaining or educational content that delivers value. To do that, we think it’s time to double down on stunning storytelling, using the basic tenets of great stories that have existed for millennia.”

Mundi Ross, founder of COCO said, “We believe that Colorado is one of the most diverse places on our planet. For years, we’ve collected and published stories on Colorado destinations, culture and lifestyle. This joint venture enables COCO to bring storytelling directly to new clients who want to share their stories to the world.”

About Odyssey

We produce compelling content and stunning stories amplified through organic and paid content distribution channels. We entertain and educate but never interrupt or disrupt. We believe that all media is earned media and thus are proudly and boldly not an ad agency but rather a studio with full production means to produce and deliver epic storytelling. We combine the principles of literature and journalism with emerging marketing engagement methods delivered on content rich platforms. Visit

Also make sure to check out Places.Travel a hyper-local leisure travel magazine brought to you by Odyssey with content contributions from Colorado Collective.