Teryn O'Brien

Teryn O'Brien

Teryn O'Brien is the Managing Editor for Colorado Collective, as well as a writer and photographer. After working in publishing, she launched her own freelance business two years ago to help organizations and individuals tell their stories through photography, writing, and editing called Teryn O'Brien Creative (www.terynobriencreative.com). She also writes for Pueblo Pulp, the Gazette, and various other online magazines. A published poet, she writes a popular blog on creativity and healing (www.terynobrien.com). She's presently pursuing her yoga certification and is excited to add teaching yoga into her freelance work. When she isn't off exploring the mountains or working on a collaboration with fellow creatives, she's writing her novels and dreaming about making this world a beautiful place no matter the hardships.

Celebrating COCO Crafted

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Life-Skills Training & Art Therapy: Q&A with Goodwill Possibilities Staff Members

While most of the world may have preconceived notions about who can claim the word “artist,” there are those who can see the endless possibilities art creates for anyone—including those society might easily overlook. Case in point: Discover Goodwill’s revolutionary program called Possibilities. It’s an experiential life-skills program that serves a wide array of participants […]