Abby Mortenson

Abby Mortenson and her husband Dan have been lived in Colorado Springs for 10 years before moving to NYC. She still loves the stunning beauty, the sweet community, and the adventure opportunities this area has to offer. There is truth and beauty in the moment(s) she captures on film. Learn more about her and her work at

Fruition Farm & Fruition Restaurant: Growing a Community

Since opening Fruition Restaurant in 2007, both Alex and his restaurant have won numerous industry awards, including Zagat’s best Colorado restaurant, Food and Wine Magazine’s Best New Chef of 2010, and Alex has been a James Beard Award finalist several times. However, Alex says his biggest sense of accomplishment comes from the caliber of people he has had the opportunity to work with.

Backyard Herbalism: Lessons from Nature

As a blossoming herbalist whose heart is filled with love and respect for the plant world, my vision is to perhaps inspire you to explore and connect with the wilderness on your own and learn from the best teacher: Nature. 

Plants are both pure magic and science, teachers and healers. They are a manifestation of the beautiful collaboration between all different elements, including sun, earth, water and minerals.