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In an age where the average person is bombarded with countless companies and marketing campaigns, it’s important to stand out. Let’s face it: nowadays, anyone can label themselves as a photographer, writer, graphic designer, or editor with little true talent. Quality communication has hit an all-time low.

The average consumer isn’t buying it anymore. They laugh at silly photos, ugly ads, and irrelevant marketing ploys. As a result, more and more people subconsciously “tune out” marketing that looks too much like marketing, ads that look too much like ads.

Customers are craving real stories and authentic beauty—qualities that can’t be manufactured or faked. That’s why COCO is committed to telling your stories for your business in a unique and beautiful way through our Colorado Collective Storytelling Agency.




Writing & Editing
Content Creation & Editorial Management
Video & Post Production
Niche Private-Label “Magazine” Platforms
Sponsored Editorial Content


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Meet Some of the Team


Our storytelling agency team is a select group of talented individuals who’ve been making their mark on the creative scene through writing, photography, and video across Colorado.


Colorado Collective founder Mundi Ross is a mother to a son and wife to a whiskey maker. Mundi founded salt+butter co. in 2012 and began selling uniquely flavored cookies at various farmer’s markets in the area. It was through that experience and developing relationships with the different vendors that she decided she wanted to start telling their stories outside of a Saturday market. Mundi founded Colorado Collective in an effort to grow that community but also to highlight all the talented entrepreneurs and local gems in the Southern Colorado region. COCO has now grown into a media force and agency that highlights all of Colorado through unique and beautiful storytelling.


Teryn O’Brien has been the Managing Editor of Colorado Collective for over 2 years and has contributed writing and photography for numerous online and print stories for COCO, as well as coordinated and managed a team of over 25 creatives involved in storytelling for COCO over the years of its publication. After working in publishing at Penguin Random House, she launched her own full-time freelance business to help organizations and individuals tell their stories through photography, writing, and editing called Teryn O’Brien Creative. She is also a photographer and writer for Pulp Newsmagazine, The Gazette Community Editions, and various other magazines.



Courtney Caldwell is a talented graphic designer who comes from a family of makers and lives her life as a crafts(wo)man herself. She is inspired by anything creative, but primarily focuses her attention on outlets that change individuals or a community in meaningful ways. She has spent the last four years as a graphic designer in the tourism and travel industry creating brands, campaigns, and publications for her local community. At the heart of all that she does is her immense love for people and the stories that drive them.





David Cumming is a photographer, writer, and multimedia journalist. His visual narratives range from editorial to commercial to documentary and experimental/personal projects. David started Outer Woods Media, a storytelling collective based in Boulder, that collaborates with local filmmakers, multimedia journalists and radio producers. Outer Woods Media also houses a journalism collective called The Outpost, a collective media effort to support current and future generations of the Free Press.




Allison Daniell is not a Colorado native, but she got here as fast as she could. She spent two summers in college working at a camp in Pike National Forest and fell in love with the mountains. As soon as she graduated college in Tennessee (where she grew up) with a BFA in Graphic Design, she packed her car up (and left anything behind that wouldn’t fit!) and headed for Colorado Springs. That was 11 years ago.  Since then, she has been hired to photograph all over the world but is proud to call Colorado Springs home and to contribute to Colorado Collective, which does a fantastic job of highlighting the greatness of this region.


Kendall Ashley Davis is an editor and a writer. She’s worked in editorial for Penguin Random House for the past five years where she has not only edited fiction and non-fiction titles, but she has also been on the concepting team for a line of guided journals and adult coloring books that have become bestsellers.
Additionally, she’s spent time as the Editor-in-Chief for the website, Petful, and her writing has been featured on websites like Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, The Mary Sue, Colorado Collective,, and many more.



Gabriel Jacobson is an innovative film maker based out of Colorado. Gabriel is known for his cutting-edge style, heart felt storytelling ability, and compelling visuals. Gabriel has a desire to give a voice to the voiceless, and helping people find the reason for why they do what they do. Gabriel functions best when working with a small, close knit team, carrying a common vision. Gabriel has insane interior decorating ability, and a deep passion for tacos. He can often be found sipping single malt scotch, or at the local cigar lounge.



Jaicee Morgan is a passionate, hard working individual that loves creating photos that tell a story and capture feelings as well as attract people to the work she is making.  As a recent Colorado convert, Jaicee comes to the scene with fresh eyes and a laid back California style.  She has worked in a wide range of circumstances and genres of photography as well as Public Relations and Marketing.  Because of this, she is able to work with brands and understand their visions and help bring them to life.




E. Alexander Riegelmann is a professional writer and media specialist from Colorado. He’s written four books and many, many shorter works, but his passion is really journalism—which is what attracted him to Colorado Collective. He’s a history nut, a science addict, and an avid reader. He’s traveled much of the world and continue to do so. He also enjoys writing for the screen and video production—there’s nothing quite like working on a movie and seeing your work literally play out on a screen.