Colorado Collective features, explores, and cultivates the vital community of makers, creators, and enthusiasts in the Colorado Region.


Colorado Collective’s Story

Colorado Collective (COCO) is an online magazine and print publication founded in 2013. We are a group of creators dedicated to quality storytelling in Colorado. COCO grew out of a desire to highlight the makers, creators, enthusiasts, and small businesses that make Colorado such a beautiful place.

COCO was first an online magazine with a team of excellent photographers and writers. In 2015, the team began producing beautiful print publications to highlight Colorado and tell the stories of entrepreneurs and creatives in The Centennial State. So far, COCO has come out with three gorgeous print volumes, and we are working on Volume 4 right now (to be released summer 2017).

The Launch of COCO Crafted

In March 2017, COCO launched a new space in downtown Colorado Springs called COCO Crafted. Here in this building, we hope to continue to embody our mission of cultivating makers, creators, and enthusiasts by offering opportunities for talented men and women  to teach people their craft. Be it woodworking or sewing, poetry or beekeeping, students of all ages will find a variety of community classes that will cultivate the maker inside all of us.

At our heart, COCO has always been about community, loyalty, and authentic storytelling. Mundi Ross, our founder, still makes our team dinner when we meet to discuss our direction, and we have grown through many challenges over the past few years.

Please contact us here or stop by our space to say hello, and we will gladly share our vision with you.